Friday, September 27, 2013

The Flower Who Wanted A Name by Christina Louise

Less is More

A story about how little flower finally received a name. The key word - ‘finally.’ In his quest for a name, little flower asked for help from all the flowers he met on his path through the garden. He was so eager; the other flowers wasted no time directing him to King Dandy Lion, the king of the garden.

Once he found the king, he received a name suited just for him. To find out the name the king of the garden granted to little flower, you will have to read the book.

Christina Louise’s clever approach to illustrate each flower to match the specific name was brilliant. The Flower Who Wanted A Name is short and sweet, a perfect story for young children.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Want to Be a Writer? Then Do It Properly by Albert Jack

Want to be a Writer? Then Do It Properly by Albert Jack
Better Late Than Never
Discovering Albert Jack’s book of advice for new writers came too late for my first book, but perfectly timed for my second. Packed with information and guidance, I took copious amounts of notes before concluding I needed the book in print, so I ordered a paperback.
I found the most appreciated recommendation about writing narrative: to get the plot and ideas down first, and then add dialogue. This relieves my current struggle of interrupting the flow of ideas while trying to write dialogue, the simple fact to write first and add dialogue later, works. I’ll try a chapter at a time, but the way my mind works, I’m confident in success.
Unaware all submissions should be presented with 1.5 line spacing surprised me, I thought 2.0, double spacing.
Consider reading, Want to be a Writer? Then Do It Properly by Albert Jack, because it includes easy and significant approaches for writers to develop their skill.