Sunday, October 28, 2012

Second Chance Grill by Christine Nolfi

A small town community goes viral.

The town is Liberty, Ohio and the setting is Second Chance Grill. The Grill has a new owner, Dr. Mary Chance, who inherits the restaurant, and is determined to turn it into a success in about a year.

Being a doctor, Mary is a fish out of water running a restaurant. But the inheritance coincided with a tragedy. Mary lost her best friend where she lived and worked in Cincinnati. In trying to deal with her grief she takes a sabbatical and decides to go to Liberty to run Second Chance Grill.

Mary’s plans are to return to Cincinnati, in about a year, to take over a clinic, however, she falls in love - not once, but twice - first with Blossom, a spunky eleven year old cancer survivor, and then with Blossom’s father, Anthony.

Blossom is one month shy of being cancer free, when her leukemia returns. What does Dr. Mary Chance do when Anthony’s health insurance doesn’t cover a bone marrow transplant? What does the small town community of Liberty do to help? What plan do the extraordinary women of Second Chance Grill devise?

What a treat Christine Nolfi’s readers are in store for! It is great fun to meet up with all the extraordinary women of Second Chance Grill.

Christine Nolfi writes this captivating story, Second Chance Grill, applying her expertise writing brilliance. Her characters are all unique and we care about each one of them. No one is perfect in Liberty, Ohio, especially at Second Chance Grill. But everyone deserves a second chance.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Libertas Americana by J.R. Ortiz

Libertas Americana takes place in the year 2017. A terrorist plot against the United States by fascist militants needs to be prevented. Julius and Michael Stansfield are once again called upon by the CIA to stop the terrorists.

The two brothers, along with other freedom fighters, risk their lives to keep America’s homeland safe from Russian extremists. Their mission is to sink a Russian freighter into the Rhine and kill the men whose plans are to hurt Americans. The mission is called - Operation Europa.

As J.R. Ortiz takes his readers through the horror of this terrorist plot, he also integrates the family life of Julius and Michael Stansfield. Learning why they accept missions that constantly put the two brothers at such high risk of losing their lives is explained as nothing more than a desire to keep America free. They are fully aware each mission may be their last, but because of deep concepts of patriotism, loyalty to America comes before family. They feel it is for their family, that they risk their life. To Michael and Julius it is how they proof endless love for their family, and every other family in America.

Libertas Americana, by J.R. Ortiz, is Book Two of the American Amaranth Anthology.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This Little Piggy by Craig McGray

Eleven pages; a perfect nightmare

A short story that will haunt you for much longer than you’d desire. This is not the genre I read, but when I saw it was only eleven pages, I thought, why not? I wish I had put more thought into that hasty and regrettable decision.

This Little Piggy is a disturbing, disgusting story, to say the least. But as it was my choice to read it, I will review it on its literary merits.

It had a certain middle school age quality to it. With that in mind, it was well written.

The ending was unpredictable, which I always appreciate in any story or book.

This is a popular genre, but I have learned my lesson, eleven pages or not.

The Dead-Simple Guides 3-Pack: 3 Great Guides In One! By Nick Thacker

To improve your blog – to make efficient and productive, this 3 pack guide provides an excellent source of information.

The first book is titled, Amazing Headlines, the second; Guest Posts, and the third; Pillar Content.

All throughout the books, Nick Thacker includes numerous links to expand the information he has provided.

Since I read this on my Kindle, I think a printed version of the books would be beneficial while applying the suggestions in the guide.