Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rosemary and Antonio by Marie Fostino

Rosemary and Antonio is a brief history of the era of prohibition and gangsters, of the 1920’s, in Chicago. It’s all about the rivalry between Al Capone and Bugs Moran.

Added to the mix of violence is a couple, Rosemary and Antonio, whose story is compared to Romeo and Juliet.

Al Capone is Rosemary’s father’s cousin, and Antonio works at his father’s auto mechanic garage, and repairs Bugs Moran’s vehicles.  This relationship makes it impossible to continue, as their lives are in danger, because they cannot be seen together.

It was a nice romance story mixed with the violence of the 1920’s.

I would have appreciated more of the music scene, as Rosemary and Antonio only visited a club once. It was fun reading and visualizing them dancing to the Jazz era’s music.

More of the music scene and less of the violence, would have justified the title, Rosemary and Antonio. After all it wasn’t titled, the Chicago era of the 1920’s.

The story would have been enhanced as a romantic love story with more of the 1920’s music scene, including Rosemary and Antonio.

Marie Fostino exhibits outstanding writing skills and I would like to see her research a historical novel because her attention to detail is recognized.

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