Saturday, October 17, 2009

Green, by Ted Dekker

Green connects the Circle Series; Black, Red, and White. This is Book Zero, the Beginning and the End, which can be the starting point for readers who have not yet read the trilogies, and it may also serve as an ending to those readers who have read Black, Red, and White. Green is a science fiction/fantasy story with spiritual parallels to the Bible. Thomas Hunter bears the burden of fighting good and evil, using the Books of History. In these Books, events following the year 2010 have yet to begin. Strangely enough, they began in the year 4036 AD, the future, not the past.
Green is filled with suspense, violence, and hate, however, love and romance is not forgotten in the story. I liked how Ted Dekker described the characters and battles Thomas Hunter fought in both worlds in great detail, which invoked nightmares if reading the book before bedtime. On the other hand, when reading the references to the Book of Histories, it made me stop reading, close the book, and think about my knowledge of the Bible. It was thought provoking to me because I currently have mixed feelings about my faith.
I would recommend reading this novel; however, I would advise reading the trilogies first. Without prior knowledge, I could see a reader becoming confused. The ending itself has me thinking Ted Dekker is leaving room for an ‘opening’ to The Circle in the future, another good reason to read the trilogies first. You decide if you agree after reading, Green, by Ted Dekker.
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Book Review by Mary Crocco


  1. Like books that use imagery from the Bible.
    Which is the first book in the trilogy?

  2. Thanks for your comment and question. Black, The Birth of Evil, is the first book in the trilogy. Here is where you are introduced to Elyon, who represents all that is good,(God),and Teeleh who represents extreme evil,(Satan). The gruesome introduction to Teeleh, through Thomas Hunter, is one you will never forget. The attack lingers in your mind vividly throughout all the trilogies and into Green. Nightmares are a definite possibility!