Friday, February 3, 2012

Shadow of the Sun by Laura Kreitzer

As a precocious child, Gabriella matures into a young woman who secures an early career as a supernatural specialist. Regarded as a genius, her character lacks appropriate attributes.

The story is repetitious and if condensed would better keep reader’s attention. For this reason, at times it is difficult to continue. As the main character, Gabriella has inconsistencies. Being introduced to readers as being intelligent, her dialogue and decisions don’t typify her character.

The story itself has its merits and I applaud the author’s efforts. It shows Laura Kreitzer has a creative imagination that she will expound in future books.

Readers who enjoy an angel fantasy story will enjoy Shadow of the Sun. The grammatical, sentence, spelling, and omitted words are flaws; however, one can still enjoy the story if it’s an entertaining subject.

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