Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Song For My Mother by Kat Martin

A Song For My Mother by Kat Martin

While picking up my books on hold at the library, A Song For My Mother was being displayed on a shelf above my books. It’s a small book so I picked it up and read the book flap. Since it was a very short story I figured why not. It’s not one I would have read if not for being displayed, so I took it home. I try to expand the genres I read.

The story was about a mother’s love for her children. The mother in the story gets a chance to explain to her grown daughter why she made the choices she made when her daughter was young.

After 12 years of not seeing or talking to her mom, and after hearing the reason why her mother made the choices she did, the daughter forgave her and everyone lived happily ever after.

I assume readers finished the story feeling good that all is forgiven and a good life was lived by all. I did not have this feeling. I think the mother made the wrong choices. I’m not even sure I would forgive the mother. I understand her daughter’s reason for leaving home and not communicating with her mother for 12 years.

However, the story itself was touching and the characters fit the story. But to me it lacked substance so I looked at it from a different perspective as I always try to bring something positive from a book I didn’t really enjoy. What I realized was Kat Martin’s dialogue sounded effortless and spontaneous. It was literary genius.

As any aspiring writer does, I read to improve my writing skills. A Song For My Mother is a great book to improve writing dialogue. It’s the perfect model to emulate.

A writer may take classes, purchase writing books, and write daily to improve. I learn better reading books by authors who have mastered writing dialogue, along with taking classes, purchasing writing books, and writing daily!

I recommend A Song For My Mother for readers who enjoy romance novels and feel good stories that have happy endings.

For aspiring writers, I recommend A Song For My Mother for its outstanding dialogue!

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