Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nimpentoad by Henry Herz

Subtle lessons beautifully taught!

Nimpentoad is a beautifully written and illustrated fantasy adventure book for children. It is a subtle way to teach lessons about friendship, trust, courage, and thinking through situations. Herz also includes manners and trying new vegetables! I bet children actually eat vegetables after reading this story.

Nimpentoad is a Nibling and he lives in Grunwald Forest. There are many other creatures that live in the forest, some are nice and some are not. Niblings are very small and because of this they are picked on a lot every day in the forest.

Finally, Nimpentoad has had enough bullying. He comes up with a plan to travel with all the other Niblings to live with Goofus the Giant. His plan is to help the Giant do all the things he can’t because he is too big. So children also learn being small has advantages, especially after seeing the Nibling’s being bullied for so long because they were small.

It’s a hard journey traveling through the forest and meeting up with all the other creatures who bully them. It took them five days, traveling a mile a day. This is where they all have to trust Nimpentoad and work together through the unexpected problems that come up.

I recommend Nimpentoad for ages five and up. Even adults will appreciate the humor.

It was written by Henry Herz and his two sons, Josh and Harrison, who are in elementary school. I think this is worthy of sharing with the children who read Nimpentoad.

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