Friday, February 22, 2013

Paintings & Poems by Evelyn and Lyndon Pugh

Paintings & Poems describes life, nature, and history through twenty-two beautiful works of art and twenty-one thought provoking poems that reflect the images.
Evelyn uses watercolors to paint nature, woodlands, flowers, water, and sunsets - just to name a few. Lyndon’s poems are written to reflect the beautiful Welsh culture.

What is interesting about Paintings & Poems is the inclusion of history which is explained briefly. It offers just enough to entice the reader to want to research more on their own. For example, Evelyn’s painting of Pentre Ifan in West Wales looks like England's Stonehenge. There’s a mystery to explore and compare.

There seems to be a personal side to this lovely little book – about childhood and life’s situations. As in life, not always pretty.
My favorite is ‘Night Fears’. The watercolor is a black and purple open window with an ominous view, and the poem describes the title.

Whether or not one is a painter or a poet, Paintings & Poems can be enjoyed by everyone.

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