Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rome, Italy City Travel Guide 2012: Attractions, Restaurants, and More... (One Day In A City) by Gina Douglas Tarnacki

An abridged travel guide that includes everything.
The travel guide begins with an abridged history of Rome, short and brief, yet includes all the city’s highlights for the traveler to get the most out of one day in Rome.

Means of travel include - ship, train, plane and car, to experience the top ten sites of Rome in a day. It includes a photo of each site with pertinent comments appropriate for the one day visit.

The guide is all about not wasting time, yet not missing anything of importance. It includes time saving tips, such as, times the sites are open and less crowded, inexpensive and quick ways to get from one place to another, nearby restaurants, telephone numbers, hotel accommodations, phrases translated from English to Italian and even pickpocket precautions.
This is the perfect travel guide as it contains everything the traveler needs to enjoy one day in Rome. It can easily fit in one’s pocket for quick and easy access.

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