Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Few: The Sequel to The Sons of Cleito by Derek Haines

A non-negotiable destiny: damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

A message was delivered by Langley Garret’s father that he will deliver The Sons of Cleito to safety, preservation and deliverance from harm, from The Few. The caveat - if he doesn’t accept his destiny, his father will not think twice about killing him.

Realizing his kidnapping from months ago was deliberate; his mangled hand, broken nose, and dead wife serving as a daily reminder, Langley learned his unfortunate place in his new family from his partner in crime, Chara. She managed to convince him to come to terms with his destiny. Having no time to waste, Langley stepped up to the plate and became engrossed in the unspeakable and vile world of politics.  

The Few is a captivating and entertaining read by Derek Haines. Once again he transports his readers to a place and time where we empathize with his main character, Langley Garret. His new family position placed him in an incredible situation of power and danger.

Does Langley succeed in his quest to protect The Sons of Cleito? Is he left unscathed to live another day and maintain his power?

I recommend The Few by Derek Haines as an outstanding book to add to your library.

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