Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dream You Make by Christine Nolfi

Complex relationships

Annie McDaniel is in her thirties – owns and manages Green Interiors, a greenhouse – acting like a teenager at times, in other respects, an intelligent business woman. Michael Rowe is in his thirties - owns and manages Rowe Marketing, a successful marketing firm – acting like a brute at times, in other respects, a caring and generous boss. When the two meet, during Annie’s interview to work at Rowe’s Marketing Firm, there is an immediate attraction.

Annie tries to keep her personal life from her boss, Michael Rowe. Any relationship would jeopardize her chances of gaining custody of her nephew. The secrecy drives Michael crazy, and his way of handling bad situations is to pack up and leave.

While Annie reciprocates Michael’s love, she must put her nephew first, which creates feelings of angst in the relationship.

During most of the story, I couldn’t stand Michael, but I grew to understand and love the guy. The same could be said for Annie, at times, her behavior drove me nuts. Their relationship was complex and is thought provoking – do I judge people too quickly, too harsh – do I give people a chance?

The Dream You Make is all about second and even third chances. Both Annie and Michael forgave each other many times for a chance of happiness.

While I enjoyed the story, I agreed with a remark made by Michael, during a usual work day, “Damn it! I’m sick and tired of the theatrics!” 

Understanding the first section of chapter one served as an introduction, the information was more enjoyable when it was integrated afterward and into the first chapters.

The Dream You Make by Christine Nolfi gives hope to all relationships.

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