Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Glothic Tales . . . of primates of apes, dates and fates, need and greed, evolution and revolution . . . and ends to ends. A trilogy of totally tall tales by Derek Haines

Over time, I’ve had the great pleasure of reading separately, the three Glothic tales by Derek Haines. The tales included, February The Fifth, The Adventures of Hal, and Septimity and the Blood Brotherhood.  Derek Haines currently provides his readers with these three entertaining stories, bound together in a select paperback titled, The Glothic Tales.

 After reading each book, I had written a timely review. The following are excerpts from each review:

 February The Fifth is the first book I have read by Derek Haines. It was an easy read with slight touches of science fiction and comedy throughout. There was no shortage of characters, some of whom the reader would most definitely relate to, thereby making the book more enjoyable.

 It’s a mad world on Gloth, as experienced through the eyes of Halbert Hoop - Hal to the reader. Hal is a well-developed character who gets himself into unusual and kooky situations. It’s great fun for the reader to share Hal’s strategies in unraveling and solving these situations.

 Ending my review of Septimity, I wrote - After reading Derek Haines books, I think I have come to realize he expresses his own personal views on life through his apropos vocabulary in his characters, and excellent writing skills. Reading between the lines and having a good laugh is a treat.

Owning a print version of The Glothic Tales is a welcoming edition to my bookshelf. E-books are convenient, but there’s nothing like reading a good book in print from your own personal library.

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