Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Treasure of La Dura by Robert Cawley

A Deadly Appetite

La Dura possessed the treasure to save the protagonist, Maria Ropero, from ruin. She was the last of a proud Spanish family and the sole owner of a giant cattle empire along the Arizona/Mexican border. About to lose everything, she contacted a group of unsavory men to cross the border with her, into Mexico, in search of the treasure of La Dura.

Aware the dangers of the mission were life threatening, didn’t keep Maria from seeking the riches to make her the wealthiest woman in the world. As Maria begged for her life, she cried, ‘You stupid fool. I am Maria Ropero. I own La Dura.’

The story is violent, as expected on such a quest. The men hired to find the gold are the worst of the worst, and their disgusting behavior proved it during the hunt for treasure. There is one exception, Flynn O’Neil, a hero from the Iraq/Afghanistan War. He and Maria fell in love, which I found unnecessary in the midst of the story, with awkward love making scenes.

Treasure of La Dura by Robert Cawley, is an action adventure, with an unpredictable ending sure to surprise readers.



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