Monday, February 16, 2015

BEING WITH BECKY by Lisa Binkowski

True stories create great books.

Being with Becky is a memorial to the author’s sister, Rebecca Binkowski. Murdered by David Stappenbeck, a mentally unstable man that Becky knew well, made this particular story heartrending.

Becky worked as a social worker, and the man who brutally attacked her was the product of a poor mental health system. Had Becky been aware of his sordid past mental history, she would not have given him a ride on that ill-fated day in February 1993.

Being with Becky described the Binkowski family’s closeness throughout the years. Lisa and Becky were thirteen years apart, yet shared a special bond in their large Catholic family. She wanted readers to appreciate Becky for her remarkable qualities. This book conveys that message with elegance.

Highlighting a flawed mental health system in hope of change is a promise from the author, Becky’s sister, Lisa Binkowski. I wish the best in her effort to avert Becky’s death be in vain.

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