Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Bug Collection, Hermie & Friends, 3 Complete DVDs.

A great way for young children to learn about prayer, good behavior, and getting along with others. These three DVDs are set up using an outstanding lesson plan as a model. Max Lucado introduces and closes the stories with his young audience in mind. His tone and mannerism is perfect in delivery. He never condescends to children.

The voice of God was the only injustice done to children. Young minds may look for the voice when asking for God’s help.

The stories include smidgens of adult humor, which serve as pleasant extras for the adult who will undoubtedly watch the DVDs more than once.

There are many bonuses following the DVD stories themselves, such as; sing-a-longs, quizzes, and a before bedtime story.
There is an added bonus choice; to use the DVD on TV and/or a computer.

The voice talents chosen for the cute characters are outstanding. Children and adults of all ages will enjoy these three DVDs with lifelong lessons to learn and relearn.

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