Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Power Based Life, by Mike Flynt

Run of the Mill

The Power Based Life, by Mike Flynt, is a self-help book with a spiritual twist. Flynt writes to an audience who would appreciate sport analogies to realize one’s real life goals and dreams. He is a strength training coach and writes about twelve ‘power based’ strategies to strengthen one’s body, mind, and spirit using a fitness guide. He incorporates Biblical verses to reinforce his strategies.

The book seems to be of most value as a first self-help book for someone needing guidance physically, mentally, and spiritually. As for the avid reader, it does not contain any new information or ‘a-ha’ moments. For example, most know to ‘play to one’s strengths, strive for a positive attitude, and change one’s adversities to work for us vs. against us.’ The book just adds a Biblical verse to these ‘power bases’ for the reader.

I would recommend this book to a younger audience who may not have read self-help books before and who enjoys sport analogies. It certainly is not a bad book, just another run of the mill book for realizing one’s life goals and dreams.

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