Friday, January 20, 2012

The Chemist by Janson Mancheski

I was scrolling through my Twitter account when I saw a tweet from Janson Mancheski talking about his book, The Chemist. The tweet included a link to a short video clip. It immediately sparked my interest. I sent Janson Mancheski a direct message and he agreed to send me his book to read and review.

The Chemist is a thriller about an elusive serial killer. The actual killer is The Chemist. He is given an apropos nickname by reporters, the Nowhere Man, referring to the fact he has eluded law enforcement for years. Cale Van Waring is the lead homicide detective assigned to solving the missing and murdered women’s cases. He works with two partners in crime, Slink and Staszak, who are his close buddies.

Mancheski develops these relationships in wonderful detail. I found myself anticipating their responses as if I knew them well. Cale has a complicated relationship with his live-in girlfriend, Maggie, which we come to empathize with on many levels.

The subject matter is made sustainable by the beautifully written words of Mancheski. He has mastered language in a way that must be appreciated. His use of vocabulary and metaphors alone is amazing in a story of this nature. Even the format of four to six pages per chapter makes the reading flow at a pleasurable pace.

I’m pleased Mancheski is writing another Cale Van Waring adventure. If I can enjoy a serial killer thriller like The Chemist, I’m anxious to see what new cases Cale and his buddies are assigned. And what about Maggie?

Book Review by Mary Crocco

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