Monday, January 16, 2012

The Seventh Island by Gregory Stenson

If you liked the movie, Fatal Attraction, you will thoroughly enjoy reading The Seventh Island. The main characters, “Unknown Caller,” and Brad Stone, will remind you of Glenn Close and Michael Douglas.

The story is full of suspense keeping the reader on pins and needles sharing the tension of the situations. The characters range from white and blue-collar men, thugs from the city, the occult, and of course, beautiful women.

The Seventh Island is in the Caribbean. This setting provides the reader with a beautiful visual for a part of the story where we find ourselves shouting out loud from our own personal book nook.

The ending may or may not seem predictable; nevertheless, I feel it is suited for the author’s purpose, a sequel.

I’m hoping Gregory Stenson is indeed working on a sequel to The Seventh Island. Readers who enjoy this novel will be on pins and needles waiting to read it!

Book Review by Mary Crocco

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