Thursday, June 28, 2012

Allah’s Revenge by Pete Barber

A Threat of Nanobots

Pete Barber has given us a fiction thriller about extremists who wish to do the United States harm. It is told in current time with painstaking research as it is a sensitive subject. The terrorist attack was carried out by an Islamic militant group called Allah’s Revenge. They killed two hundred innocent people in London, England and many world leaders at a G20 summit in Seoul, South Korea. The Vice President of the U.S. was killed in the G20 summit attack.

The Weapon of Mass Destruction is a mist of nanotechnology. Once released, people breathe in the mist and are dead within minutes. Allah’s Revenge recruits an Arab named Dawud Ferran, aka David Baker in the U.S. to do his dirty work with the WPD.

The main character is a British detective named Quinn. He puts his life and job on the line to get to the bottom of the terrorist’s plot to destroy the world. He travels to Jerusalem where he manages to take control of the WMD situation. Before he heads home, once again Quinn’s bravery is put to the test. The WMD is released in Phoenix, Arizona. Is Quinn successful in saving the world? Does he get home in one piece? You will have to read Allah’s Revenge to find out.

Pete Barber created many memorable characters in Allah’s Revenge. There are detectives, reporters, politicians, and of course terrorists. We get to see the inside of a terrorist attack through Pete Barber’s accurate research.

There’s even romance in Allah’s Revenge. A good story isn’t complete without a love interest, even in the midst of a terrorist attack.

The book is a definite page turner as the suspense keeps the reader engaged. It’s a well written action thriller with historical background to be enjoyed. The characters and places come to life for the reader.

Let’s just hope it stays fictional!

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