Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For the Love of Sam by Derek Haines

A Woman Scorned

Talk about getting screwed over by your friends! Poor Sam goes through hell in the midst of getting a divorce. He’s not exactly innocent. He had an affair with a sexy co-worker, Susannah, some ten years prior, but his wife, Beckie, never forgot or forgave him.

It was this indiscretion that Beckie festered for ten years when she suddenly threw it in Sam’s face. Out the door he went, and into a flea bitten dump to lick his wounds.

Sam was basically a nice guy who worked for an insurance company. He didn’t revel in his new surroundings which made him feel sad, alone, and confused. This was not a good time to start a new relationship, but that is exactly what he did.

He met Gail when she hit his car in a parking lot. After a quick tea in a diner to exchange insurance information, Sam thought nothing more of it. Gail called the next day wanting to see Sam where she fell head over heels in love with him.

Not being able to say no to Gail as she protested her love for him often, Sam went along for the ride taking some kind of solace in seeing Gail. It took his mind off his divorce and neurotic wife, Beckie.

When Susannah called and asked to see him, again Sam couldn't say no. They picked up where they left off like it was ten years ago. Poor Sam doesn’t know that it is her husband who is sleeping with Beckie! He doesn’t put two and two together and realize this is why Beckie decided to throw his long ago affair in his face all of a sudden.

If that isn’t dark enough, what Sam goes through now I can’t write about because it will spoil it for the reader. Let me just say Sam went through hell. Was anyone there for him?

Nothing is predictable in Derek Haine’s novella, For the Love of Sam. While being a dark novella about relationships and so-called friends, it is a great read.

As always, Derek develops his characters so well that you can’t put down any of his books once you start reading. None of us want to live through what Sam lived through or did he?

Pick up your copy of For the Love of Sam to find out!

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