Saturday, August 11, 2012

An Illegal President by Pat Lawrence

Whom can you trust?

Talk about a page turner, I read the book from cover to cover without putting it down. Great political suspense!

A United States Congressman, Paul Garrett, is kidnapped. Unfortunately he had his two children with him, which made the sinister plan become complicated.

A conspiracy lurked behind the kidnapping, offering Garrett the nomination for President of the U.S. He thought he had a chance to beat an incumbent President and be the most powerful man in the country, maybe the world.

His wife, Wendy, hated politics, and his children, Jack and Denise, are put through hell. Garrett learned a difficult lesson about trust during his near run for president. All these factors weighed in on Garrett’s decisions and how he would live his life.

Pat Lawrence’s writing style kept me captivated on every page. I recommend, An Illegal President, to readers of any age.

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