Thursday, August 23, 2012

Treasure Me by Christine Nolfi

Values to Treasure

Her mother, an on the run criminal, her father, in and out of jail, Berdie Kaminski, finds herself on her own, at the age of sixteen. The only way she knows how to survive is to use her skills as a petty thief.

Berdie is aware of a treasure hidden in Liberty, Ohio, since the Civil War. She has a clue from her ancestors that will guarantee she finds the treasure – rubies. Being a thief, Berdie travels to Liberty to steal the treasure.

Lacking formal education, but possessing street smarts, Berdie can handle herself well. Because of her upbringing, she has trust issues, to say the least. Initially, she is guarded with everyone she meets in Liberty. But after living and working there, while searching for the clue that would change her life, she starts to warm up to the town and its people.

Berdie thinks maybe there is hope for her and she can change her ways. Deep inside, she wants to be a respectable person, and relinquish her life of crime. While searching, she discovers information about a freedwoman, named Justice Postell, and Berdie considers her a role model. Postell gives her hope to change her criminal ways.

Treasure Me has the most remarkable characters. The women who work at The Second Chance Grill are eccentric and fun. Christine Nolfi develops each character to relate to Birdie in their own way, making it a pleasure to enjoy the individuality of the characters.

Birdie has a love interest, which she struggles with because of her past, and Hugh is a very complicated man. It’s great fun to follow their relationship.

Treasure Me is an easy read as it flows smoothly from beginning to end. The characters are memorable, especially Theodora, whose character has an unpredictable twist at the end!

What does the title, Treasure Me, signify?  Does Berdie find the rubies and change her life? Does she leave Liberty? Does she learn the value of true friendship and family?

I recommend readers of all ages, who enjoy mysteries, and a bit of romance, to read, Treasure Me, by Christine Nolfi.

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