Friday, October 5, 2012

The Charter by Gillian E Hamer

Gillian E Hamer writes an outstanding Chapter One in her historical novel, The Charter. It is typical for the first couple of paragraphs in a book to hook the reader; however, The Charter’s entire first chapter is extraordinary.

As a historical novel, the story is based on the Royal Charter’s shipwreck that occurred in 1859. It is a fascinating read; because it isn’t often I travel to the rocky Welsh coast and the Irish Sea.

The storm of the century claimed many lives on the Royal Charter. The survivors in the Irish Sea, who made it to shore, were happy to possess their gold from Australia. This is where Gillian E Hamer develops her plot.

Sarah, the main character, has a father who displays odd behavior during his life. After his death, Sarah receives clues to locate his gold, at the reading of his will. In her quest to find the treasure, Sarah has to decide whom to trust and whom not to trust. Is Sarah successful in locating the gold?

Hamer adds the paranormal, crime, mystery, and murder, to her historical novel. Are crimes and mysteries solved?

The characters are captivating, and the story reads at an ideal pace. I did predict the outcome of one character, however, that was the exception. The story is unique for a historical novel, and the ‘ghost’ twist Hamer integrated with amazing skill, was not exaggerated.

Gillian E Hamer sends a subtle message in her intriguing novel, The Charter: Greed can wreak havoc on you and your relationships over time.  

I look forward to reading more from Gillian E Hamer; I enjoyed her unique style of writing historical fiction.

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