Thursday, October 25, 2012

Libertas Americana by J.R. Ortiz

Libertas Americana takes place in the year 2017. A terrorist plot against the United States by fascist militants needs to be prevented. Julius and Michael Stansfield are once again called upon by the CIA to stop the terrorists.

The two brothers, along with other freedom fighters, risk their lives to keep America’s homeland safe from Russian extremists. Their mission is to sink a Russian freighter into the Rhine and kill the men whose plans are to hurt Americans. The mission is called - Operation Europa.

As J.R. Ortiz takes his readers through the horror of this terrorist plot, he also integrates the family life of Julius and Michael Stansfield. Learning why they accept missions that constantly put the two brothers at such high risk of losing their lives is explained as nothing more than a desire to keep America free. They are fully aware each mission may be their last, but because of deep concepts of patriotism, loyalty to America comes before family. They feel it is for their family, that they risk their life. To Michael and Julius it is how they proof endless love for their family, and every other family in America.

Libertas Americana, by J.R. Ortiz, is Book Two of the American Amaranth Anthology.

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