Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Reel Cool Summer by Martha Rodriguez and Illustrations by Joey Rodriguez

Technology to the Rescue!

What a perfect book for kids ages 6-9 to ward off boredom. First, A Reel Cool Summer is great fun to read, but to apply the technology idea the three siblings learned would be amazing.

The dialogue is so accurate and the illustrations are outstanding. It isn’t hard to imagine this scene taking place in Martha Rodriguez’s home on a boring summer day, or any other family’s home on any given day. Kids are always saying they’re bored.

Starting with the kids wanting a pool, and realizing it probably isn’t going to happen, to ending with a pool as the prize for their video, is absolutely genius. It shows kids hard work pays off. I also thought it was realistic they didn’t win first or second place in the contest.

A Reel Cool Summer by Martha Rodriguez is an excellent book for kids to enjoy. The Illustrations by Joey Rodriguez are superb. Great title too!

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