Sunday, November 4, 2012

Components of Murder by Robert M. Cawley

Components of Murder is a biography of Gene McLain, yet it is cleverly written in the form of a novel.

As Blondie tells her husband, Gene McLain, “You are the best.”  Nicknamed ‘Bulldog,’ Gene is an investigative reporter who takes his job seriously. He works for the Arizona Reporter in Phoenix, Arizona and is relentless when investigating homicides. Besides writing for the newspaper, he carries a gun acting much like a cop. These are the days before technology, so Gene relies on his street sources for information.

There are always crimes to solve, but the one that challenges Gene is the senseless murders of two men. He can’t let this one go until it’s solved - the killer thinks he’s committed the perfect crime. It’s a captivating read as we get to see Gene prove the killer wrong.

Robert M. Cawley invites his readers to walk in two pair of Gene McLain’s shoes, his work shoes and his family shoes. We get to experience the mind of a genius at work while Gene connects the dots where others cannot. Walking in his family shoes is similar to reading a love story. His beautiful wife Blondie, and two great kids, are a constant source of strength and stability for Gene. I think McLain would agree that without his family, he would not be at the top of his game.

There’s nothing better than reading a good book about a true person – Gene McLain being the best in his field.

The cover of Components of Murder is so apropos – the blood soaked Saguaro.

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