Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Dose of Tia: How a Woman and Her Rescued Dog Embraced Life through Volunteering - and How You Can, Too by Dina Mauro

Volunteer brings Pet Therapy to Hospitals

If you are a dog lover and are looking for a way to volunteer, A Dose of Tia will impel you. Dina Mauro explains how she becomes a volunteer at a hospital with her English Pointer, Tia. She takes her readers on their walks through the Swedish Medical Center in Denver, Colorado, stopping in different rooms bringing smiles to patients.

Each chapter of A Dose of Tia is a journal entry describing the patients she and Tia visit.  Mauro makes up the patients’ names, as she is not privy to them. The stories are short and written to entertain while bringing awareness to volunteerism.

Mauro shares her own thoughts and feelings, stressing the importance of finding the perfect match when deciding to volunteer.  A Dose of Tia is written to motivate and enlighten readers that volunteering is important.

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