Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Sun Zebra by R. Garcia

A collection of short stories with unpredictable endings is a description of, The Sun Zebra. If anyone has ever read a review of mine, they know I value unpredictability as the key to great fiction.

The Sun Zebra is a perfect reminder for adults to open their minds and become kids again. To understand events, through the eyes of a child, is a wake-up call to the kid in all adults.

Each story is different, containing the elements of great writing. Nell is a precocious child, who possesses the ability to think critically, and analyze better than most adults. Her father is the epitome of a perfect dad, listening to her and allowing her to think. Her mother is the perfect balance to a loving marriage. Nell is lucky to be a child in this family.

My children are grown up, but this tiny book of wisdom will benefit me to augment my ability to be a better grandmother to my grandson. I thank R. Garcia for writing these pearls in, The Sun Zebra.

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  1. Thanks for that great review Mary! If anyone is interested in the Sun Zebra they can find it on Amazon: