Thursday, September 6, 2012

75x75=Flash Fraction by Helena Mallett

This was fascinating!

Well written, well thought out stories, consisting of only 75 words - amazing!

Helena Mallett followed me on Twitter, so I followed back. Of course, I always go to a new follower’s site to see what cool writing the author is up to. When I saw this title, I was without question - intrigued.

I sent a tweet to Helena disclosing I was a book reviewer, and without delay she delivered a copy of 75x75=Flash Fraction for my Kindle. I read a few stories and was hooked and curious. So, I sent another tweet and asked her if it was hard to write a story in 75 words.

She tweeted back her answer:  “It's a discipline that I love - cutting and honing until there's 75words.”

I bet it’s a discipline, and Helena Mallett has mastered it. There is a subject for everyone in her collection of 75 stories. It’s a fun, quick, easy read, which activates your brain. Loved it!

In Helena’s original answer, she shared:  “I'm now writing a new book of 75 x 75 word conversations.” 

I can’t wait to read it!

75x75=Flash Fraction is for readers of all ages to enjoy. Love that title!

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