Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ukulele Land by Uke Jackson

A stage production that I wish I could attend. Ukulele Land is hysterical. Not sure if it was meant to be so funny, but I laughed throughout the book.

A drug company, The Corporation, dictates people take drugs for all kinds of ailments, for example; sexual desire, where sex is illegal. There are Love Police who jail the offenders.

The music is obviously ukulele by Uke Jackson, and his lyrics are funny with specific messages. I understand the lyrics to say; stand up for yourself, and question authority.

It’s somewhat of a spoof on the music industry as a whole and of our corporate culture.

There’s no way to properly describe this musical without reading the book, Ukulele Land, by Uke Jackson. It is to be enjoyed by imagining the lyrics being sung and the ukulele being played, and the fun characters acting their part.

It is an entertaining read even though we must imagine the musical performed in our minds.


  1. Thanks for the review, Mary! Glad you like it. In case you're interested, you can see/hear the title number on YouTube here:
    There's also a musical highlights video from the 2008 production here:
    Thanks again!
    Uke Jackson