Friday, September 14, 2012

The Moon of Innocence by Uke Jackson

The story takes place in Catalonia, Spain, in 1963. It’s far away from the city, and farming is the way of life.

Cesar is an orphan, as his mother dies in childbirth, and he doesn’t know his father. He is a budding writer and poet, because he’s lucky enough to work for a man who mentors him using books in his home library.

Maria works for Ella (Inglesa) as a maid. She is a seventeen year old virgin, and beautiful, especially to Cesar. He writes poetry to Maria trying to win her love. It takes a while, but eventually Cesar’s efforts are rewarded.

In order to see each other, they must sneak around. It is during one late night they manage to finagle, that Maria becomes pregnant. This is where the story is captivating and so much happens, you must quickly read through to the surprise ending.

Uke Jackson writes The Moon of Innocence with a unique style. The beginning of the story is the end of the story, and it is an excellent way to get the reader excited about, The Moon of Innocence.

Jackson develops his characters to be as appealing as his description of the setting. I felt like I was in Ella’s living room as well as riding on Cesar’s motorbike in the dirt. Always a plus is including history in a good story, and Jackson manages to accomplish this through his characters conversations.

I recommend readers of all ages to take pleasure in reading, The Moon of Innocence, by Uke Jackson.

I do have one question, however, what’s with the bear?

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