Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Mercy (Sgt Major Crane Story) by Wendy Cartmell

This short story anthology, No Mercy (Sgt Major Crane Story), begins my introduction to Wendy Cartmell’s writing. The book consists of three, quick and easy to read mysteries; No Mercy features, Sergeant Major Crane.

The last story is an autobiographical piece, which I question the author’s reason for including it in a mystery anthology.

The mysteries have a ring of familiarity; I have either read similar stories or have viewed comparative TV shows.

I always appreciate the element of surprise in a good mystery. I expected unpredictable endings to the three mysteries; however bleak, I must express disappointment.

The author’s writing style is flawless for composing mysteries, and readers will notice her passion. I encourage, Wendy Cartmell, to continue writing mysteries in the future, however, adding originality to her stories.

I recommend, No Mercy (Sgt Major Crane Story), by Wendy Cartmell, to readers of all ages.

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